“I Was a Satellite”

Show us
The sun
A reprisal
Remind us
Our world
Turning over

You saw the courier
Chased all the sirens away
A bed and pen to stir
Naive and made to escape
The emissary’s form
Her face in every dream
Could tower o’er the world
Nor any sight is unseen

To all this philosophy
You wait here, for here’s the other plan
You will not walk, you will not sing
Step in these walls, they take everything
You want reciprocity?
To which you fold in the other hand
You will not fall, you will not bleed
A little unrest to sink in your teeth

All in the way
All in the way
All in the way we fly

You sip the hydrogen
A little warm to the taste
The apparatus is thin
An awful wager to waste


You want nothing left inside
I am never satisfied
Our love will scrape the skull
Until the dopamine’s enough

To your words, me? A stray
Won’t disappoint at all
The shadow on my door tonight
Searching for signal and I’m
Riding on blood and ice to hold me there
By any other name
Into your world, counting days
And my ear to the wall
Tie me off, I’m tired now

To the pearl in rest we chase
The only help I know
A little more culture am I
Ever to wake from this night
Riding on blood and ice to hold me there
This chill? It that won’t subside
Beneath the drain, I’m so awake
Staring at these walls
Tie me off
Tie me off

You wait a world away
I will see you on my better side


All of the rest we complicate
When all of the shadows know your name
Measure against, defenestrate
How do I chase the ghost of a
Wayward daydream

One day I will throw you away

I’m just waiting for the wind
To blow away the ashes burning
Thoughts into memories
Trapped inside of you
I never had my chance to say goodbye with a kiss
The chance to say goodbye; we were merely kids
The chance to say how much I never knew I’d miss you

I coalesced and tried to mend
Time has taken apart my attempts
Sharpen regret to the finest edge
Pull through the words I’ve left unsaid
This wayward daydream

I’m Wasting away

I’m just
For the ashes


Tear me down to my bones
Just to save me
I’ll give you my skin
Show you my sins
Will I even ever understand why?
You tell me I’m not alone
When you break me
Follow your words
Live in your world
And I’m waiting for my last night

I will admit your truth
It must have felt so right

I’ll be the last to know when you drag me from this world
Honestly, how do I give you honesty?

“The Fractal Trees”

I know I know
Smile you have forsaken me
In spite of my own best intentions to be slow
So let’s, so let’s, so let’s go run away

A little siren
Where do we go?
Into the night
Let’s find its equal

Throw me to the wolves
A little modesty
I think I like it
All I need to know
A little something strange
I think I might just find
Something under this waterway
Forcing me to stay here
My mistake was
My mistake was
Ever to let on that
I think I like it

Dig in your toes
Tell me why you’re scared to
See where this goes when every instinct pleads for more
I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know anymore

Oh the temerity you give to me
It’s frightening
Of all the other avenues I think I’ve seen before
You are the road with the windows down all along the shore


Maybe in another world
Where the clock turns favors for
Aberrations of man and love
And me

There’s no phoenix and no hope, no trust
Rely on severed wings and breathe phosphorus

Contrition, fault, and blame
Our smiles in a symbiotic frame
Acquiesce, absolve, and save
Your knees

All the smoke
I inhale
You breathe in me
You breathe in me

You’d make a demon of me
So hateful, so unclean
Easier to loathe than believe
You see?

“Writing in Colour”

To all the worlds that I have made
Saw you in my head
We left a dream in retrograde
I saw you suffer

I let you walk
Harness the flame
The terrace a bull, the red of our way
Sequester all
Steady on
Feel the sides of this pathway falling off
Beneath my feet
This city walks
To the beat of the buried
Sew for the dead
With gravel thread

Safety for an answer
Save me from night into day
Something that you embrace
There is one you won’t

We have to make
A choice to run
To the crashing wave or choose the sun?
Into the surf
The verdict is
Do we sink or swim here?
Are you alive?
Am I awake?

Climbing up these towers
Will we fall trying to hold on?

“Salt & Shorelines”

The waves crash over your hair
Blows away in all this wind
A picture of you in the sand

And it feels
Like I don’t mind if you mind
I don’t mind if you don’t mind
I don’t mind at all
When you scream?
I don’t mind if you mind
I don’t mind if you don’t mind
I don’t mind at all

I wonder how big you’ll get
The salt kisses your lips
A picture of you in the sand

Needed you to bleed
Needed you to beg
Needed you to see
What a mess I’ve made

Across the stain
Who weeps in vain for closure?
The emptiness in this caress?
So obvious
A test and, yes, it leads you from this sojourn
Be blessed as I remove your wrists from your body
From your body